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What is Green Concrete

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With the pressure to go green these days because of Mother Earth’s depleting resources, scientists once again tinkering with stuff that possibly has a sustainable option. Concrete is one of those things that they’d like to have an alternative for. Fortunately, their research is met with success. They are now pushing the concept of green concrete. 

Their research led them to the production of new types of concrete that can store and trap carbon dioxide, which is referred to as the greenhouse gas. They did so by breaking down pollutants coming from exhausts, thus protecting old infrastructure by sealing the cracks in the surface, right when as it starts to form. This development eventually became the green concrete, which scientists say is friendlier to the environment. It is also a lot stronger and more durable.   

A Closer Look at Green Concrete  

Scientists aren’t even expecting that the green concrete is going to be that strong. That’s the reason why green concrete is highly regarded in the scientific world as a game-changer. Green concrete is now in the process of being acquired and produced by start-up and commercial companies. 

Green concrete doesn’t look much different from ordinary concrete. However, it has special properties that it gets from graphene, which is a type of carbon that’s among the strongest materials known to man. With greater strength, it only means that lesser concrete is needed to construct structures, such as walls. That’s quite significant as the production of cement accounts for 5% of the world’s global emissions. 

With less concrete used, it’s now possible to make walls a lot thinner. That opens up new possibilities in terms of the structural design. A lot of builders and architects will definitely welcome this change for the better.  

What is Graphene? 

Scientists discovered that graphene is also resistant to the infiltration of water. That’s why they are confident that green concrete will last longer, even in areas that always get flooded. It is a very elastic composite material, which also means that it may be less prone to cracking. With that said, it is also the better material of choice when constructing structures in earthquake-prone areas. 

What’s more, graphene is an electric conductor. That characteristic may lead to the use of this concrete product in entirely new applications. It won’t be long when all roadways can be slightly electrified in order to produce enough heat to melt ice and snow. 

Practical Applications  

There’s also the possibility of electrically charging the concrete using solar energy. That way, roads, homes, and buildings use sustainable electricity too. Since concrete can be found on the walls and floors, it’s best to use to as an active solar battery.   

However, there’s the problem of the cost when it comes to graphene. This composite material is somewhat expensive so it may not be commercially available as much as traditional concrete is. Right now, more studies are required to ensure that it can be mass produced and marketed to the public. Further studies should also be performed if graphene poses risks to one’s health or the environment. If you want to know more about green concrete, ask a highly qualified concrete contractor Fishers about it.  

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